Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mathews Christmas Parade, Part Two

Here are some more shots from Saturday's Christmas parade. 

Tatterson's was there.

I love this car.

A proud member of the Mathews High School Class of 1982.
I've known her since kindergarten and we traveled to Spain together in 10th grade.
That's a story for another time.  And oh what a story it is.

This Chick-Fil-A cow was about the only person marching in the parade who was not a member of the Class of 1982. Actually, I don' t know that for a fact since I can't see who is in the costume.
So it's possible.

This little doggie loved the parade, although I'm not so sure he was as enamored with those antlers.
He looks a little worried here, almost like that dog on the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Another friend, the husband of my classmate shown above.
My dog bit him over the summer, and I still feel guilty about that.
Sorry, Lawrence!  Love you, even if Buddy doesn't particularly!

Lookie here! It's Dr. Sterling, yet another proud member of the Class of 1982!

I think he was eating the very candy he was supposed to be throwing to the crowd.
Look at that guilty look on his face.  (Hi, Sterling!)

I was so busy trying to take Sterling's picture that I completely missed Santa Claus as he was approaching and only managed to get this side shot.  I had some things I wanted to tell him, too, it's a shame he went by so fast. Also,the lady in the green jacket (just above that Christmas present of the same color) is my 7th grade English teacher and the wife of my high school track coach. 

The parade was all too brief, but what fun it was. I thoroughly enjoyed my class reunion seeing old friends.

Speaking of class reunions, our 30th is next year. Thirty years.

It's simply not possible.



Maria_NJ said...

Wow that looks like fun was had by all...(except the dog maybe, poor thing)

I love Santa...

Meg McCormick said...

I do love a parade! Most especially the marching bands. Once a band geek, always a band geek.

Jamie said...

There is nothing quite like a parade down there be it Deltaville or Mathews. I imagine it's the small town thing. Either way, it's on the list for reasons why I should live there.

Hayley said...

You captured my husband too! He's in the photo with the Grinch dog....just through the guy's window. Ha! I was standing right beside him. Sorry we missed you!

Daryl said...

Since you started school at birth 30 yrs is right on ;-)

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the photos of the Tatterson's little cart. The Blog Cabin diehards were quite taken by the poignant story of the Twin Coves property being in their family since the 1700's. Many of us wished a Tatterson family member could have won the property, as much as any one of us. All your parade photos were fun.