Friday, September 26, 2008

The Boat House

Above is a picture of the boathouse Thursday morning. Mr. Nor'easter has finally made himself comfy and is sticking around for a spell. He's a messy guest, I can tell you that. Very demanding. Notice the level of the tide in this shot and compare it to the one below.

Yeah, we're underwater.

But with the help of good people, we're faring just fine. The house is as dry as a bone.

The yard on the other hand is so deep the QE2 will be mooring here on her next trans-Atlantic voyage.


Anonymous said...

We're just now getting a little taste of that Nor'easter up here in Maine. We're expecting the worst of it this weekend. Oh joy! Another soggy Maine autumn weekend. I guess I'm breaking out the crock pot!

Hope you guys don't get too much of a drenching!

Unknown said...

Oh dear! Hunker down and make sure all your pets and other creatures are high and dry...where are the fiddler craps during this event? and the ants?


Mental P Mama said...

It is brutal here on the CT shore this morning, too. I almost made The Bird stay home from school, but she insisted on going. I wonder who got my baby in the hospital when the switch happened? Hold on!

Anonymous said...

Isn't "The Boathouse" a bar where they have cool bands like Blue Oyster Cult and .38 Special? It doesn't look big enough to hold all of those people. Must be the angle.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

It is still raining here this morning, and school was cancelled in Mathews due to flooding in the lower parts of the county (Onemo, New Point, etc.) The wind, however, has died down significantly.

Hope everyone makes out OK up North.

Horn Harbor Girl said...

Good Morning
The picture of the barn down Onemo is probably about knee deep in water about now, I understand that the tide down there is not so good either.
Hang in there, hopefully the worst is behind us ! Not bad down Horn Harbor way, near me anyway :-}

Bear Naked said...

CBW and family:
Hope you will WEATHER yet another storm.
Never did understand what a Nor'easter is.
Are the winds blowing to the NE or from the NE?
Whichever way they are blowing stay safe.

Bear((( )))

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Hey, HHG - Hope you're staying dry down there.

BHE - Never went to the boathouse probably because it was too far of a drive.

bn - The wind blows fiercely from the northeast.

Oh and back up to grandma j.'s question - The ant season is over and now it is officially fruit fly infestation season, which starts in September and lasts through November. The fiddler crabs will probably be all over the yard after all that wind and rain. Between them and the frogs, you do not want to go barefoot in my yard.

bobbie said...

Wow! So glad the house is high and dry.

tj said...

...CBW and the rest of you girls dealing with this - my thoughts and prayers are with you...

...We're, um, having um, delightful weather...(*now hiding*)...which btw, I'm gonna go outside right now and head some over your way... ;o)

...Many blessings... :o)

Unknown said...

Are the kids so happy to miss a day of school? I used to LOVE those days when I was a kid!

foolery said...

I'm feeling like your boathouse right about now. I don't have any crabs, however, and only a few fruit flies.

May you all be safe and warm and your children be occupied this weekend. Don't go stir crazy!

-- Laurie @ Foolery

Unknown said...

I just saw a fruit fly and thought of you : )! Oh yes I did : )!

Anonymous said...

DC was fine - it rained all night and was windy, but not crazy windy. Today was just gray and drizzly and very autumn-like. Bring back the sun!

Glad you weathered the storm OK... we were thinkig of you!

abb said...

Well, at least I hope they give you a state room on the QE2!

Glad all is relatively well.