Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I took this picture during our summer camping trip on the Eastern Shore. I fell in love with this tree and marveled at how many different backdrops there were each day, particularly at sunset. Each one was different, unique and beautiful. The same can be said for both my children.

Today is Chesapeake Bay Daughter's 10th birthday. She has to spend the day in school and then watch her brother's soccer game, so we won't have much time for celebrating. We will do the serious celebrating this weekend when we go to the state fair (weather permitting, and boy do I hope it permits because the pictures I'll come home with from that place will blow your mind. For example, someone from Annandale, VA, just won the pumpkin contest with her entry of a more-than 1,000 lb pumpkin. For example. )

The night CB Daughter was born, I had just come home from a terribly stressful day at work - stressful to the point I had burst into tears earlier in the day (we were living in Northern Virginia at the time and everything up there was stressful, but particularly the jobs I held). I went straight from work to home to the hospital. I've always felt the events at work that day triggered her entry into the world.

Be that as it may, she arrived without much ado, beautiful beyond words, and was a wonderful baby who caused me very little stress.

She has been a joy and a delight to this day. She astonishes me with her talent (academic as well as athletic), her compassion and her ability to love, love, love. She is truly a treasure.

Happy Birthday, Chesapeake Bay Daughter. I love you.


Unknown said...

What a sweet Birthday Tribute to your daughter.
Happy 10th Birthday Chesapeake Bay Girl. Double digits comes with an array of new privileges..just ask you Mother.

You worked the day she was born? Why am I not surprised?

Annie said...

Grandma J took the words right out of my mouth...it is indeed a wonderful tribute to your daughter...and what another beautiful photo as well...they are always so peaceful!
ps Love the old buildings too...I love photographing old buildings..well trying to!

Val said...

happy birthday wishes to your lovely daughter :-)

Bear Naked said...

That photo is wonderful.
"Fingers of God"

Happy Happy 10th Birthday Chesapeake Bay Daughter.
May all your hopes and dreams for the coming year be realized.

Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chesapeake Bay Girl. We love you!!

-Middle Sis, aka Chesapeake Bay Aunt

Mental P Mama said...

Happy, happy birthday to a wonderful girl! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute, beautiful daughter, beautiful CBW. It runs in the family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chesapeake Bay Niece! I love you!
Baby Sis ( Aunt to CBC )

Horn Harbor Girl said...

Happy 10th Birthday Chesapeake Bay Girl !! Double Digits ... Woohoo !

What a great tribute Mom..awwwwww

Oh my goodness yes ! Double digits does come with an array of new privileges :-}
Seems this advise was given by a family member to my third daughter when she made it to the double digits 2 years ago - ha! ha! Just could not resist ........

Angela said...

Hi,I found you via your comment on Val`s post (monkeysontheroof). I want to read more of you! Today I congratulate you to your sweet daughter (it`s always the mothers who should be congratulated!). But I´ll come back to read and see more about the Great Pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

Ten year olds rock. I have one too. I keep trying to squish him down and keep him from continuing to grow; so far, no luck.

YOURS also has talents that include showing her technologically-challenged mom how to work one of them newfangled touchpads on those little computers, what are they called, oh yes, LAP-TOPS. :-)

Happy Birthday, CBD!

Big Hair Envy said...

Happy Birthday CBDaughter! I hope 10 is the best one yet :) May I come over for cake and ice cream?

Karen Deborah said...

Wow, you have a little girl?! How wonderful. I can still remember how excited I was when I turned ten and got to have two numbers. now that I've hit the half centry mark it's not so exciting.
Did you have a chocolate cake?
Happy Happy birthday!

foolery said...

Oh darnit, I missed the day. Well, here's to making your birthday last a week, CBDaughter! (The older you get the more you are torn between milking your birthday for all the days you can get, and trying to pretend it isn't happening. Good luck with that.)

And CBW, did you go back to work that night to catch up on what you'd missed? (Right back to "separated at birth," because I closed the evening Smedley was born.)