Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

Above is a beautiful view of the Chesapeake Bay at sunrise. It's almost impossible to tell where the water ends and the sky begins. Which one is the mirror, the sky or the sea?

Speaking of impossible, my computer keeps telling me that I'm not connected to the internet whenever I try to sign on to my blog, leave comments on other blogs, do google searches, blink or breathe. Sometimes (like now) I can access what I need, most times I cannot. There is no rhyme or reason as to when this happens, nor does it seem to matter which web pages I'm trying to access.

I've performed every possible self-diagnostic (is that a word?) to no avail. It's an Internet Explorer error that says something to the effect of "Navigation to the page is cancelled," or "You are not connected to the internet," or something similar.

If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know. My own personal feeling is I want to take an axe to this computer and then shove it into Queens Creek is there is some problem between America Online (my precious dial-up internet provider), Google and/or Internet Explorer.

Due to this computer problem plus an all-day lacrosse tournament in Gloucester, plus the Womanless Beauty Pageant, plus a house full of women who have traveled hours to see Mathews County men wearing spandex and purple glitter, I won't be in the blogosphere at all this weekend. If the computer problem continues I may not be on here much at all until I can afford a new computer things settle down.

After this evening's dress rehearsal for the Womanless Beauty Pageant, let me just say that I hope my computer holds out long enough to post photos from that event.

In such times as these, a picture is worth a thousand dollars.

No matter what, between Meg, Noe Noe, Big Hair and Ann Marie , someone somewhere will post pictures and possibly a video--which hopefully will not include the dirty trash dishes piled in my sink or the rodent corpse on my front doorstep.

Below are some questions to ponder. If you feel like leaving a comment, I thank you in advance. At some point I should be able to get back on here and read them...

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?
CBW's answer: 17

When was the last time you doubled over with laughter?
CBW's answer: This evening, and tears were rolling down my face. I never knew how much fun preparing for a Womanless Beauty Pageant can be.

What were your parents doing at your current age?
CBW's answer: I'm sure I don't want to know, but I guarantee you they were not instructing a 50-year-old man in the proper technique for hula hooping while wearing a wig.

I hope you have a great day full of laughter, hula hoops, good friends and even more laughter.


Annie said...

ooh...hula hoops...I reckon that is what put my back out and gave me careful!!

maria from nj said...

Consider changing browsers. I find that IE sucks big time. Try downloading Mozilla's Firefox, a much better browser

WV: cerningi, as in "I'm cerningi that the browser is the problem".

Mental P Mama said...

Oh how I wish....Have fun!!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were? Probably around 24-25. Definitely Before Kids and homeownership.

When was the last time you doubled over with laughter? Honestly can't remember but I'm packing some Depends for tonight, just in case.

I'll skip the last one because it's a little bit of a downer... and leave it at that. No downers today - only giggles and laughs! I have a hundred things to do before I leave... see you in a few!

Daryl said...

Definitely try Firefox its a lot more user friendly with Google and Blogger .. and maybe give Earthlink a try as an ISP .. AOL sucks.

Arent I 20? I was sure I was 20...

I believe I truly laughed til I almost wet my pants about a week ago ...

When my parents were my age, they were retired and living in Florida ...

Have a fabulous time tonite . wish I could be there

WV Pacek .. just tell Bayman to remember to pacek, he doesnt want to get tired before the talent competition

Mrs F with 4 said...

How old? um, around 35. I think.

Doubled over with laughter - that would be yesterday - and the day before, looking after Mrs H's children as well as my own. And the whole two weeks before that, when our closest friends were here. The next time would be tonight IF I were joining you!

What were my parent doing at my age? Probably breathing a sigh of relief that at 22 they no longer had me living at home!

Unknown said...

That picture is hypnotizing me...I could stare at it forever.

If I could stay 45 forever, that would be the perfect age because i was still using my hula hoop

foolery said...

I've always said that I'm either 4 years old or 100 years old...lately, 4 has been elusive, and it's been 100 since about 1998.

Firefox for sure. I've used it at home and work since version 1.0, I think. Hate Safari (on my new computer at home) -- HATE. IT., so I just downloaded Firefox for home this afternoon, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! It really is better than pretty much anything.