Thursday, May 27, 2010

Three Things

Welcome to another edition of Three Thing Thursday, where you share three things and I share four three things.

1. The photo above is from a section of Aaron's Beach which has eroded in the past year thanks to a few major tsunamis storms. Not long ago, you could walk unencumbered from this spot over to that patch of white beach, but alas now you must wade through water.

2. Today is the last real day of school for the Chesapeake Bay Children. There are a thousand other things we must attend, including sports banquets, awards ceremonies and I haven't worn a dress since the early '80s other events which require not my standard uniform of jeans formal attire.

3a. Ants. I must retract--or revise--my previous statements of love and adoration for Terro, although I'd still like to be their spokesperson if they'd please come out to my house and take care of these things once and for all. Of course Terro doesn't make house calls, they just manufacture the poison and the traps which cause normal, non-mutant ants to swarm and then die.

To be successful in the 23076 ant zone of a zip code, Terro must ooze freely from the shower heads, the sinks, the fire extinguisher, the HVAC unit, my pores, the electrical sockets, the kitchen cabinets, the sliding glass doors, the bathroom tiles, my tear ducts, the bathroom closet, and the garden hose. When this happens, I might have a fighting chance against these killer ants.

3b. If you want to read something extremely horrifying humorous, go back to Mrs. F With 4's comment on yesterday's post. She weaves quite the spider's web story and never ceases to make me laugh.

Now it's your turn. Please share three things or four things, ten things or more things.

As long as you're not sharing insects, just share.


Mathews Mark said...

I can't count to three this morning so I am just gona ramble on. First thing, let me get this straight, CBW you are gona shower with 4200 other campers? Just what kind of a camp are you going to? I know you V girls were a little wild back in the day but 4200 strangers that has to be some kind of a record! I thought I was bad! Next lets talk about ants :Ants and ticks are taking over this year. They are winning the battle by shear numbers! Set you a few bowls of sugar out in none threating areas after the scavenger ants find them and go back and tell the rest of the ants there is free sugar out there, this is when you attack spray a circle around the bowl terro is good. do this for a few days. You will find they will keep coming to the free sugar and leave the rest of your stuff alone. tthe final thing for today is : Crabs do not have balls !!! CBW I hiding a Camera to see if you really shower with 4200 people or are you just pulling my crab balls!!! LOL have a great time!!! MM ### FOX HORN is and actual horn used in the early 1900's to call the dogs together in and actual fox hunt!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MM-Yes, there will be thousands of people at this campground, and I'll probably have to shower with half of them at some point or another, at least that's how it will feel. For this very reason, i usually downgrade my already-low expectations of personal hygiene and count swimming in the pool as a bath.

Thanks for the tip on the ants, I'll try it. Headed back to Sutton and Kline this morning for my third round of Terro purchases, which so far has included 5 bottles of the liquid, 2 boxes of traps and 1 can of Raid. All gone, and ants still here.

MM, I'm putting you in charge of the blog and the comments starting tomorrow since I won't have internet this weekend. Have fun but don't have too many wild parties.

Jamie said...

1. It's Thursday which means tomorrow morning I will be headed south for a much needed R&R weekend.

1b. The Deltas have a home game tomorrow night and I think I might go since I can walk to the ballpark.

2. When camping my personal hygiene consists of a baseball cap and lots of gum.

3. I can not wait to be doing absolutely nothing but laying in the sun on the beach

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. I like spiders. A lot. Just not when they are nesting about my person. Sympathy from Mr F? Not so much. He just suggested I move faster.

2. Thanks MM, my mind was going down another track. We just call it a hunting horn - and never mind the early 1900's, we still use them today when chasing those pesky foxes on horseback.

3. Started my day rescuing yet another baby chipmunk from the pool. Rubbed it down briskly with a towel and returned it to it's mother. Again. You see, I do have a cuddly side - it's not all slaughtering wildlife around here. With the exception of carpenter ants, naturally.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Jamie-Have fun, esp. at that baseball game. Love that field and those stands.

Mrs. F. - Bravo on your rescue, that is quite the way to start the day. Now that I know you have a pool, I think it's time we started talking about having a Blog Fest gathering at your house, although I'd need to get a passport first. BLog Fest, the Canada Edition, coming to your computer screen in 2011. It has a certain ring to it, no?

Off to clean, fight ants, feed animals, do laundry, pack for a camping trip, prepare for a sports banquet, cut grass, pull weeds and pay bills. Yippee! I'd almost rather find a spider "nesting on my person." (Still laughing at your expense, Mrs. F., I'm sorry.)

abb said...

1. Damn! My last day of school is June 22. NO FAIR!
2. I would not like to shower with 4200 other folks.
3. Damn! my last day of school is June 22.

Daryl said...

Last summer Annie (and Lauren) brought me some fantabulous dirt and I planted my window box and it thrived .. this year not so much, those cheerful marigolds apparently didnt care for the extreme amounts of rain and have pretty well keeled over dead ... I hope to replace them with some plants that will live longer than a week ..

AND ... while we dont have ants, either mutant or regular strength, we do have some annoying little black flying beetles ... I who abhor and detest as well as fear anything that flies or crawls have taken to smashing them dead with my hands or fingers or feets or shoes or whatever is handy when I espy one .. oddly they travel alone.

AND ... sigh ... its hot humid and the AC is not yet in the livingroom window ...

big hair envy said...

1. My baby graduates from high school in just a few short weeks. I have not finished mailing all of the announcements. I have to stop and cry every time I start the process:/

2. Prom is a week away. It will be the last time the kids come to our house for the After Prom Party. I am going to miss them terribly.

3. This weekend is a holiday weekend. I plan to drink enough cabernet to make me forget (temporarily) about #1 & #2!!! CHEERS!

Best WV EVER: boozonon...This weekend, the booze will be flowing on and on!! Discuss amongst yourselves;)

Meg McCormick said...

1. Mojitos
2. Martinis
3. Gin & Tonic
4. But not all at the same time, silly.

I have 1.5 days of work left but my mind has apparently already checked out. You enjoy your camping! At about 5pm tomorrow, I'm turning off my brain and look forward to lounging about the pool and the beach with family all weekend long.

Shelley said...

1. My grand-niece (4 months old) arrives today (with her parents)(sigh). We won her fair and square in a bet regarding the Olympic hockey game between Canada and the US. Can't wait to break it to them that she's not going back with them.
A girl! I have a new baby girl!

2. When your husband's family comes from a line where their emotional sensitivity is akin to a train wreck, there's gonna be trouble in paradise.

3. I am longing for those languorous afternoons in Mathews, where the only hard work of the day will be popping the champagne cork. C'mon July...dammit.

Mathews Mark said...

Im making my famous peach fuss frozen drinks at Sandpiper Reef this weekend a sure sign that summer is here!!! any takers??? MM

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MM-If I didn't have to be at the first of many year-end school functions tonight, I'd be there in a MINUTE. Can you send some over to the Eastern Shore this weekend?

Mathews Mark said...

I will send enough for 4201 people ya'll can enjoy them in the shower LOL!!!! MM

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Ha!Send a little extra then, will you? I'll need it.

deborah said...

CBW, why are you choosing to shower with 4200 other people? I mean, are you doing it because you enjoy others company or did you lose a bet?

MM, how do you tell the difference between girl crabs and boy crabs if the boys don't have balls?!? (just pulling your leg here..I think?)

It is stinkin' hot here and humid. Thank goodness the a/c is working today.

Everyone have a great time on vacation, and MM, I'll take some of your Peach stuff anytime!

I'm in WV, we don't hunt fox, we hunt coons. No horn needed, just a gallon of Wild Turkey and some dogs who know the way home.

Bayman said...

1. I am still laughing at "Hi Mr. Cormorant," from yesterday's post.

2.People wonder at work, "why is Bayman laughing all alone on his forklift?"

3. Nobody says much to me on days like that.

Country Girl said...

1. I wanna shower with 4200 other people. I think all of us should be naked as much as possible.
2. Sometimes I am full of shit.
3. Thankfully, I don't have ants.

(sorry about yours).

Anonymous said...

1. Today I had cement cut out of my driveway and part of my grass dug up to fix a leaky pipe. They did not finish and did not tell me they would not.

2. All day long I waited for my water to be shut off, it wasn't so that bathtub full of water so I could flush the toilet was a waste.

3. Tomorrow I head to Bodega Bay where I am staying in a house with friends. I get my own bedroom and my own bathroom, so I will think of you as I shower alone. Perhaps while I am in the hot tub as well sipping wine.

Have a great camping trip, I actually do love to camp but am very picky about which campgrounds I stay in.

Postcard Cindy

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you all for making me laugh after I've just arrived home from a very, very, very long school event. Just thank you.

Deborah-That is one excellent question, but the main reason I do it is for my children. They love this campground and we've not been in several years. So I will sacrifice privacy and all creature comforts so they can have a great time. I enjoy the place, too, but only when I'm facing the bay looking west, wine in hand, and all 4200 campers are behind me.Hope the weather cools off for you - it's turned chilly here this evening but was sweltering earlier.

Hello, Postcard Cindy!

And thanks again to all of you for commenting. Must now prepare myself for several internet-less days.

carolyn said...

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